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About Heart Circles

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Heart Circle is an experience that helps us to wake up - with those around us.


The circles, created by Tej Steiner, are small groups of anything from 2 - 10 people who meet at a weekend workshop, as a weekly group or for individual coaching. You are encouraged to start your own two-person heart circle after attending a workshop.


What happens cannot easily be described because the core of each circle is unique. It is not a processing group and we are following what comes up organically. However, there is a structure in place that creates an amplified energy field in the group. This field is strong enough to hold and support the members as they explore the joys or difficulties of whatever comes up for them in the moment. You can learn more about who they are for here.

Our current society holds unspoken agreements that keep us in a culture of distracted separation. Heart Circles consciously help us to move into a place of greater presence and connection.     

“Such change is taking place for me. I feel it in everything I do.  I liked what I read about Heart Circles but had no idea it was true!”  A, Scotland

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What will heart circles do for me?

  The results of taking part in Heart Circles - in a group or through coaching - are palpable and often powerful.

In essence we are practicing moving from the busyness of daily life into calm clarity. We are waking up as we learn how to connect with ourselves and others at a deep level, one not often present in the swirl of everyday life. Such connection is beneficial to us in many ways, from improving our relationships to feeling calmer and more peaceful in life; ultimately assisting us in listening to what our heart and soul is longing to tell us.


At the deepest, most powerful level, we are learning how to love ourselves through the difficulties and triumphs of our lives; in other words,

we are waking up


We are having an experience that shows us that no matter what is happening, we can connect to the peace inside, the place where everything is okay.


The circles help each member to practice five ways of being:


  • being clearer about their purpose in whatever they do

  • becoming more present and tuned in to how they feel in the moment

  • being more authentic with themselves and others

  • connecting to ourselves, others and the vibration of life around us


    ...these four allow us to connect to the fifth:


  • becoming heart-directed; using our innate inner guidance to help us through life


From heart felt desire flows transformation.  This is an amazing thing. It blows me away.  Heart circles are truly wonderful and I am so grateful that they have come into my life!   E, UK

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Workshops and coaching

Heart Circle, in a group or as individual coaching is not a quick fix. It takes time to understand through experience and begin to impliment into your life - if you want to.


Some people find a weekend introductory workshop gives them a taste and enough to begin practicing mini heart circles with a partner. 

Many decide to have individual Heart Circle Coaching to explore how they relate to important issues in their lives.


It's up to you.

To learn more about Heart circles, read Tej Steiner's book:


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Amazon USA

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