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About Amanda Jayne and Heart Circles

Image of Amanda Jayne

In 1999, after working in the traditional mental health field in the UK for two years, I wanted to explore other ways to help people. I was interested in the fact that we are an incredible network of mind, body and soul that work together as one. And that we are an integral part of what is happening around us. I decided to switch to holistic wellness and spent 4 years in Japan studying Jikiden, the origins of Reiki, an energetic healing method that was originally very simple and powerful in nature.


My first heart circle training was in 2004 when I experienced a 3 day introduction in Australia run by Heart Circle founder Tej Steiner. Immediately hooked, I continued training and sitting with others in Heart Circle over the following years. I loved that these circles were not processing circles, but circles that brought more joy, clarity and wonder into my life. And a profound experience of connectedness. I continuted training to become a Heart Circle facilitator.

"I once saw a program about a wild horse whisperer. This woman could relate to the wildness in the horse and then she could get the wildness to relate to her so she could help them. She was reading them and then reaching out to them in a way that is beyond words. Amanda does this with me in a way no one else has been able to."    A, Cornwall

image of japanese buddhist statues

In 2009 I gained a Masters in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in the USA and I now use the skills and experience I gained at that time to assist in my Heart Circle Workshops and Individual Coaching sessions. I enjoy the deep connection and amplified energy of the workshop groups but equally love the depth and intimate connection of the 1-2-1 coaching that happens when witnessing someone find the light inside themselves that guides them.


I lived in Kyoto, Japan for five years and the USA for three years but recently made my  way home and now live and work in the UK.


One of my most valuable experiences was trekking the 1,200 kilometre pilgrimage around 88 temples on the island of Shikoku, Japan. I completed the circuit on 21st November 2009 and walking the pilgrimage alone for 48 days was a journey from a place of constant pain and misery, through fear and into total peace and trust. The experience has without doubt helped me become a better individual coach and group facilitator.


My book about walking the 88 temples will be published in the near future. I have several other books coming out first. You can find out more about them here.

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