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Close encounters of the traveling kind

- stories of near death adventures around the world

cover art by: uma Devi

This small collection of near-death (and one almost-near-death) stories take you on adventures in Africa, South America, Nepal, Japan and Thailand. Close Encounters with an angry snake, the edge of an abyss, an unfriendly African tribe, a shady guide or two, an angry Dutch man, a nasty case of Typhoid and a severe case of mountain stupidity are told with the confidence of a traveler who has discovered that, 'no matter what happens, everything works out in the end.'

A fabulous book that makes you smile all the way through; the stories of Amanda’s adventures and her zest for life flows from the pages and makes you one the one hand wonder how she has survived and the other embrace her energies. A book that you don’t want to put down and leaves you in a happy place.  R. Newey, UK

Written with brevity, wit, and gripping description, any adventurous traveler will enjoy—though probably not emulate—these travel stories.

L Martin, USA

This book is very humorous.  It had me laughing so hard at times that I had to run to the bathroom in fear that I would wet my pants.  Ms. Jayne really has a writing style that makes you feel like you were there.  Her poetic prose and the way she captures nature in words is inspiring.  If you love adventure travel, even if it's just from an armchair, I highly recommend you read 'Close Encounters of the Traveling Kind.'  You will not be disappointed!  I give it 5 out of 5 stars.  

Betti B, Carole's Book Corner.

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it will be back! very soon, ok quite soon, later this year hopefully.

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"Your adventures took me on a roller coaster. I was there with you on each trip. I am not so adventurous as you, but if I were, I would certainly heed your advice. A great read - thank you!"

Macolm P, UK 

"A quick read, but I savored it by allowing only one story a night, letting each experience... and lesson, settle with me. It also makes me think of experiences in my own life that were a bit hair raising, and the lessons I've learned. But seriously, Amanda...what were you thinking? LOL Gutsy, comical, insightful... great job. I recommend it to anyone."

K Bealing, Usa 

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