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Who is Heart Circle for?

Heart Circle is for you if you:

  • want to feel the deep resonance of connection

  • want your heart / innate guidance system to lead your way in life

  • want to find a place of peace amidst challenges and turmoil

  • want a safe non-judgemental space in which to explore what you really want in life

  • want to feel more grounded and alive

  • want to build heartfelt community during these uncertain times

  • want to practice how to move from feeling bad to feeling better

  • want to explore the power of loving yourself through difficulties

  • are part of a group that wants to become closer and more connected

  • want to wake up!

"I am relatively new to the world of heart circles but since I have started to have a weekly 1 hour Heart Circle coaching call with Amanda I have experienced some amazing results. It is incredible to be in an environment that is so safe and healing.

Initially it took time to adjust to being totally honest and to let go but Amanda has eased me into the process in such a gentle and reassuring way that I started to find my feet in a relatively short period. I would recommend this powerful and wonderful work"

T, London

Heart Circle is not for you if you:

  • want to opt out of life and your relationships

  • think being 'spiritual' means you don't have to engage in life

  • want to collect another technique that you rarely intend to use

  • want a quick surface fix to a problem

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