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Emily began in a Heart Circle workshop and then had individual coaching sessions with me over a number of months. After a short break we continued for another couple of months before she felt complete. Here is her experience....


"I had been struggling with bulimia for 8 years and was worn-out and exhausted from putting my body through so much pain. I had tried many kinds of therapies before then but nothing had made any kind of lasting changes. When I came across Heart Circles I had no idea what to expect and in fact did not particularly expect much with regards to 'curing' the bulimia. I attended the weekend course along with 7 other people and was initially daunted by the prospect of opening up to so many people. However I quickly found that the approach to Heart Circles was completely non-judgmental and was a safe space in which to explore the things that we push down in our everyday lives. I continued the course through one-to-one sessions over sykpe with Amanda and found that I was making significant steps towards letting go of certain thought patterns and past traumas.  The Heart Circles also had amazing knock-on effects in other areas of my life and helped me in many more ways than I could have imagined.
I would, without hesitation, recommend Heart Circles to anyone who is open to learning more about themselves. I've been free of bulimia for one and a half years now and I will be forever grateful to Amanda and to the Heart Circles for giving me such an amazing tool."
Emily, 25


Please note: This coaching is not intended to be a replacement for professional therapy.

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