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Heart Circle Coaching

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Individual coaching is based on the Heart Circle model though I do use experience and skills gained during my Masters in Spiritual Psychology from University of Santa Monica as well.

Underpinning everything we will do together is the fact that we are not broken and do not need to be fixed. We do however, benefit from looking at, and learning to love everything that comes up for us.


It can seem strange at first that whatever difficulties you bring to the sessions are not always the immediate focus. They can be, but more essentially what we are doing is building your trust in yourself, looking at the dark places until we find the light inside them and re-connecting with the most centred, loving place inside you. From here, you have access to a strength and wisdom that will help you find your way through whatever is happening in life - and love yourself no matter what arises. This is where freedom lies.

“I have been doing one-to-one, weekly heart circle coaching with Amanda for several months now and I continue to be amazed at the emotional expeditions I go on each time. Heart circles provides a unique container in which to explore and tune in to your wants and has given me the tools to know and trust that I have all the answers.    E, UK

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Individual Heart Circle coaching experiences

Emily and Jean have written a little about their experience of Individual coaching sessions with me. Each of them came to the coaching in a different way. Emily had been struggling with Bulimia for some time when she attended a Heart Circle workshop, Jean was having problems with feeling choked up whenever she had to speak out and dissolving into tears for no apparent reason. She began with a small Heart Circle group and then had some individual coaching alongside that.  You can read about their experiences by clicking on the names in the text.


Other clients choose to have Jikiden Reiki sessions back-to-back with a heart circle coaching session. It can be extremely helpful to integrate the heart circle session with the energy of the Reiki. Some people prefer to have Reiki first, as it can bring things to the surface for them to look at during the heart circle coaching.


Please note: This coaching is not officially therapy and is not intended to be a replacement for traditional professional therapy.

"Amanda helps us come back to connection. She supports the person in looking at exactly what is true for them and helping them to integrate in such a way that it gives people the ability to connect again and feed the hunger and thirst inside. She supports and guides them by leading them from a little way ahead so that they feel totally safe."   A, Cornwall

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Q: How much does Individual Heart Circle coaching cost?

A: The sessions cost £50. A course of sessions booked in advance can reduce the cost.


Q: How long does a Heart Circle session last?

A: One hour - give yourself 15 minutes afterwards just in case it runs over by a short time


Q: How many Heart Circle coaching sessions will I need?

A: There is no way of knowing how many you'll need ahead of time. Most people find after a few months of weekly sessions (8 -12 sessions) they are already in a very different place and have tools and inner connections that are helping them enormously in their lives. Some feel that is enough and others want to keep going. I continue to do peer coaching and Heart Circles for myself because I find it such an increadible resourse in my life.


Q: Is it better to have Heart Circle coaching in person?

A: Individual coaching works well in person, over the phone or via skype. The majority of sessions I give are done via skype. I prefer skype to the phone because we can see each other but that is just a personal preference, the coaching is the same.


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