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Why do Heart Circles?

image of red swirls in space

Heart Circle is a new way of approaching life that will help us to wake up - together

We are all over-stimulated living in the heady swirl of the society we have created together, and while it can be fun, it's exhausting and traumatic for our nervous systems to be constantly bombarded with information. We end up confused, disconnected, overwhelmed and unable to access what we truly think and feel.

As a result, our relationships and the quality of our lives suffer.


The circles allow us to explore how challenges and joys in our lives can help us get reconnected with what is true for us. Rather than talking ourselves around in circles, we learn to use feelings as doorways to greater clarity, connection and peace. We experience life and relationship the way they were intended to be as we become more present, authentic, connected and heart-directed.

"The Heart Circles are magic and Amanda is an inspiration and such a skilled and gentle facilitator."    


image of sunset

Social Agreements encourage us to:        


- avoid enquiry into the purpose of whatever we are doing/being or wanting to do/be

- avoid stillness

- hide emotions

- avoid connection

- be primarily mind directed

Heart Circles help us to:

- get clear on our purpose

- become present

- become more authentic

- feel our connections

- be primarily heart-directed

The circles give us a way to find answers inside, to connect to the wisdom of the playful soul that leads us gently forward in times of trouble and celebrates as we begin to fall in love with ourselves.


This is not about opting out of modern life, it's about reconnecting at such a deep level that rather than surviving the ups and downs of life, we find ourselves thriving. Together.

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