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Heart Circle Workshops

image of japanese buddhist statue

One or two day workshops with 4-8 people are available across the country. If you would like me to come to your area to hold a workshop and have a group of people interested, please contact me.

In the weekend workshop you will learn how to practice your own basic two-person heart circle at home. The one-day is an introductory experience only. The two day includes greater experience of group heart circles.


After the workshop, members often want to participate in an 8 week group experience or have individual coaching.

I still can’t explain it. It’s energy, it can’t be put into words, you really need to feel it yourself and I can only encourage you to explore it yourself. It really is magic and I’m convinced, you’ll leave feeling humble and grateful and happy … and maybe even transformed.”

S, Scotland

One of the most beneficial ways to learn heart circles is with a group of friends. If you can get four or more people together I will come to your area to teach a two-day workshop

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