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Website creation

Website design and copywriting

I design websites and write or edit the copy.

I will:

  • find the right look and design for you

  • consider how you want your viewers to feel 

  • add blogs, videos, galleries, shops, newsletters

  • create simple, clear text that illustrates who you are

  • give essential information in an easy-to-digest way

  • link to google and optimise your SEO

  • Ensure your site is mobile optimised

  • leave you with a site you can easily update

Take a look at the samples below...

Website design and copywriting

I design your site so that you can continue to update and manage it easily after the initial set up. The website packages I offer:

  • save you huge ongoing costs 

  • are affordable with basic five or six page designs

  • can be upgraded to create bigger sites

  • have prices for design only (you provide the copy)

  • provide options to have all copy written for you

  • can include copy editing services

  • are for original designs - not template created

Sample site 1

Website for a Jikiden Reiki business in Nelson, BC, Canada.

I created both the design and the copy.

Connie wanted an attractive site that stressed the incredible effects that Reiki can have on the body. She wanted people to know about the conditions it can help and how important it is to have regular Reiki. I peppered the site with lots of testimonials she had, using a spoken testimonial as well as written ones.

Title screen
Front page
About page
Treatment descriptions
Conditions Reiki helps
Reiki training page
Describing Jikiden Reiki
Contact page

Sample site 2

Website for a holistic health business in Kent, UK.

I created the design and copy.

Helen wanted a clean, simple site that felt peaceful but powerful to reflect the kind of Reiki she does. 

She wanted it to have elements of Japanese as the roots of Reiki, and to show the effects of Reiki on the mind, body and soul.

Title page - simple and clear
Mind, Body, Soul
Reiki fact strips
Jikiden Reiki Introduction
Contact form
Reiki and the Mind
Treatments page
Community in Kent
About Helen

Sample site 3

Website for a therapy centre based in Kent, UK.

I created both the design and wrote the copy based on an old site.

David wanted a clean, professional looking site that clearly indicated the type of issues they can help with. He wanted easy access to contact numbers and a blog with access to social media. 

First site page
Conditions helped
Blog page
Therapist page
Blog posts
Addictions page
Contact page
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