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A Haiku of Coronavirus

Week 1

2am wake up

Cool liquid steel filling lungs


Silence as a mind

searches out pathways through

hot fibreglass mist

Meditation breathes

the whole body: I thank God

I learned how before

A friend reaches out

Hands fasten a net of love

Soft clouds to rest on

Bird song chaperones

paper thin inhalation

The cat sleeps soundly

Week 2

A square of sunlight

The worldwide web of Reiki

Softens steel lungs

Notes of love and care

Spread salve on burning wounds, no

more lonely alone

Words like precious jewels

chiselled painfully from rock

each come at a cost

Kindness waits in food

and flowers at my doorstep

Sunshine offerings

Panic sits on sill

Hunched down, waiting to pounce

I shut the window

Week 3

Cotton wool breath morphs

to mist; softening lungs bring

words and impatience

Relief comes and goes

Presidential promises

drifting on East winds

Cat and human play

Who can sleep more? Paw and hand

touching between them

Days are a moment

sliced into eat, sleep and text

Outside nature smiles

A window opens

Nightly circus of terror

spills into my sleep

Week 4

Reaching tether’s end

Tears cascade down unwashed cheeks

Cat pads on loose jeans

As darkness descends

Phobophobia oozes

through uncovered cracks

Fear; nothing to fear

says Love. Open the door, let’s

watch it together

From lion to sloth

Four short everlasting weeks

Inspiration awaits

Leaning on a tree

nature merges with nature

We breathe each other

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