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A stream of consciousness to help me navigate through these times....


All is well

No matter what appears to be.

Panic and desperation

when we don't understand what's going on; when we know there is more unsaid

Do not lead us to knowing.

We may never know.

Turn away from fear into trust. Trust in the greater truth - that all is well.

Use everything to find out more about who you are and who you want to be.

This is an opportunity.

The world does not need you to save it.


What will you bring to the world?

What is your piece of the puzzle?

In the midst of the storm we have no idea who the furniture swirling around us belongs to.

Who constructed it; who bought it; what secrets lie in the back of the draws;

Let it go. Clinging to it won't keep you safe.

Perhaps nothing is as it seems

Perhaps everything is.

Endeavour to control never brought freedom

Even from a place of righteousness

What are you trying to control?


All is well

No matter what appears to be.

We are part of nature; equal to the delightful simplicity of a single blade of grass; the wild call of the tiger; the swift flight of the eagle; the intelligence of the gentle octopus and the ancient wisdom of the trees. Embody these. Connect with them. They are your birthright.

Look after them, for they are you.

They hold more answers than your screens.

We are exactly as magnificent as that which we can truly appreciate

and as small as that which we ridicule.

Find joy in the moments of connection.

Find kindness within, for you and those who disagree with you.

Find the love that can allow everything to be as it is,

No one has the power to take these things from you.


All is well

No matter what appears to be.

For nothing else will calm the seas that have broken over our shores.


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1 Kommentar

Kimberly Von Dohren
Kimberly Von Dohren
11. Mai 2020

So incredibly profound and moving, while calming at the same time. Your eloquence is beautiful. Xo

Gefällt mir
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